LinuxHardware: Augustus’ Ultimate Linux Workstation: Part II

[ Thanks to Augustus for this link.

“If you’ve read part one of Augustus’ Ultimate Linux
Workstation, then you already know what my goals and thoughts were
surrounding this system. If you haven’t read that part yet, I’d
suggest that you do that first. It will make what follows make a
little more sense. In this part of my look at building what I would
consider the ultimate Linux workstation, I will take you through
some of the special construction that had to be done to accommodate
some of the special hardware I selected. Although I will be
commenting on what was done, much of this article will be a
pictorial. In my final article about this system I will show some
final pictures of the rig and produce some benchmarks from this
system as well as my budget system that I outlined in the last
article. The following is not a log of every aspect of
construction, just the more interesting parts…”

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