LinuxHelp.net: Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) Guide v2

[ Thanks to Joey for
this link. ]

“You may have heard of the great server-side scripting language,
PHP3, as of which I have written a guide. But, PHP3, is pretty much
history, and PHP4 with Zend is the future. Bundling it with
Apache 1.3.12 and MySQL, they make a powerful team.
This guide
is a complete rewrite of the original LAMP guide, in tradition of
the PHP Engine rewrites. :)”

“We are going to focus on making Apache very versitile, and
adding some enhancements to PHP4. The original LAMP guide has been
read by many people, and hopefully they check back for this. PHP4
has been pretty rock solid since beta 2, and now that it is in the
final beta stages, and with the release of the Zend Optimizer, I
felt it was time for an overhaul. So here we go.”