LinuxInsider: The Groklaw Story, Part Two

“Last week, LinuxInsider published a story looking at the role
of Groklaw.net, an informational Web site dealing with The SCO
Group’s lawsuits against Linux users and supporters. The story
contained both expressions of support for, and criticism of,
Groklaw and its founder-publisher Pamela Jones, including
statements by SCO’s public relations director, Blake Stowell.

“The story elicited a storm of protest and abuse from members of
the open-source community, ranging from allegations of biased
reporting to suggestions that its publishers were secretly in the
service of proprietary software vendors. One criticism was that
Jones was not given the opportunity to respond.

“The publishers feel that the story presented both sides and
that its critics failed to distinguish between presenting the views
of a party to a dispute, and endorsing them. Stowell’s comments, it
was felt, could stand or fall on their own merits…”


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