LinuxLookup.com: Funnel Web Pro 3.6 [Review]

“Anyone who has ever administered a webserver recognizes the
importance of having a powerful and robust log analyzer. The
purpose of a log analyzer is to breakdown and produce reports of
statistics from the logs that your webserver produces, and present
them in a useful and well organized fashion. These reports allow
you to track users’ habits, loyalty patterns, total traffic as well
as your site’s overall performance.
The Funnel Web Pro 3.6
software was specifically designed for high-volume Unix users such
as ISPs or high traffic webservers (hence the $1200 price

“One of the first great features that I noticed of Funnel Web
was the great graphical user interface. The X Windows based GUI is
well laid out, easy to use, yet still very powerful. … The GUI
allows you to quickly customize your options within a matter of a
few minutes and can get you started generating reports in no time.
… The reports can be generated in 3 different formats, the most
common of which would be HTML. The reports are clear, well laid
out, and very professional looking. I was most impressed by how
clear and colorful the graphs were as well as how fast the entire
report was generated.”

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