LinuxMall.com: Big Things in Small Packages: Linux’s Future Lies in Embedded Systems

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“In a presentation at the Colorado Linux Info Quest on April 1,
Jim Ready, president and CEO of MontaVista Software Inc.,
called Linux “the Rodney Dangerfield of operating systems

(OS).” Ready was referring to Linux applications running in
embedded systems; cell phones, palm computers and computerized
handheld devices fall into this category.”

“Linux is used in embedded devices as varied as medical
equipment and airplane mechanisms. “Linux does the hardest
things–like getting certified with the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA),” Ready explained. “But no one knows

“In addition to being scalable and cheap, Ready said Linux is
ideal for embedded devices in other ways. In such an application,
“the software must be robust,” he said. “You can’t reboot it or
mess around with it if it crashes.” Such applications, since they
are stand-alone, are mission-critical once embedded, Ready