LinuxMall.com: Day Two and Three: Comdex Wrap-Up

[ Thanks to LinuxNews.com for this link.

“Comdex wrapped up, ending three days’ exhibits, events and
talks on computers, the Internet and high-tech fields. The
thousands of attendees
who passed through the maze of exhibits
and conference halls were exposed to an enormous spectrum of new
ideas and products-and left with glowing ping-pong balls, spongy
computer characters, T-shirts, pins, lollipops and massive amounts
of information. They were able to have fun with Linux
characters and toys, and may have come away with a new perspective
on the more serious uses and applications of Linux as

“On Wednesday, the Linux community showed it’s lighter side when
Dust Puppy from the User Friendly comic strip and Tux paired up
after a press conference to take pictures with the Linux visitors.
Dust Puppy was, understandably, given a wide berth, but Tux
embraced members of the crowd that stepped forward to have a
picture taken with the six-foot penguin.”

“The conferences this week centered largely on business
applications, the enterprise, the return on a Linux investment,
cost and benefit analysis of Linux use, and the migration of Linux
to new areas of business and new purposes. Discussion groups,
tutorials, and a case study (Papa John’s Pizza uses Linux for their
business applications) focused on harnessing the maverick operating
system (OS) for real-world horsepower.”