LinuxMall.com: FSF’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose, Part 2

[ Thanks to Greta
for this link. ]

With freedom come some guidelines. “The Free Software
Foundation follows the rule that we cannot install any proprietary
program on our computers, except temporarily, for the specific
purpose of writing a free replacement for that very program,”
Foundation officials said. “Aside from that, we feel there is no
possible excuse for installing a proprietary program.”

“For example, we felt justified in installing UNIX on our
computer in the 1980s, because we were using it to write a free
replacement for UNIX. Nowadays, since free OSs are available, the
excuse is no longer applicable; we have eliminated all our non-free
operating systems, and any new computer we install must run a
completely free OS.”

“The foundation doesn’t force GNU users or contributors to live
by this rule. “It is a rule we made for ourselves,” the Foundation


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