LinuxMall distributes Linux Knowledge Base CD

joseph cheek writes:

hello all,

We just wanted to let people know that Linux Mall is
distributing Cheek Consulting’s Linux Knowledge Base
now, and they are selling it for even less than we are!
They’ve got it for $26.95, and we sell it for $29 on our web

The Linux Knowledge Base is a searchable archive of Linux
technical information, built from the Linux HOWTO’s, various web
and ftp sites, mailing lists, and newsgroups. The CD takes the most
popular items from the Linux KB web site and packages them for
installation on your Linux machine.

We are excited to be working with Linux Mall as a leader in
Internet Linux sales. We are also actively soliciting more
distributors, particularly overseas; if you or your company is
interested, please email [email protected] or visit our web
site www.cheek.com.

The Linux Knowledge Base web site at linuxkb.cheek.com remains free for
all to use and enhance.