LinuxMonth: Linux Network Basics, Graphical Network Configuration

[ Thanks to Baiju
for this link. ]

“I will break this up in to four sections this month. The first
section will be necessary reading, and you can read whatever else
you are interested in. The first will contain some basic and
general information about configuring your network.
The second
will be about using the netcfg tool to configure an Ethernet
The third section will be about using the
netcfg tool to configure a DUN(Dial Up Networking) or PPP(Point to
Point Protocol) connection
and the forth will be a feedback
and question section. You can read this through or just read major
sections 2,3 or 4, whatever you prefer.”

“How does netcfg work?
It is a front end to ifup, ifdown, ifconfig, route and other
assorted goodies. It is fairly successful in bringing all those
commands in to one simple interface. Strangely I have yet to see a
page with graphical instructions on how to make this work, I aim to
change that.”

“What if it doesn’t work? Am I out of luck?
Not at all. I am really only covering the strait and narrow here.
There are lots of valid configurations that I don’t even graze
here. I will cover many more topics in future columns and there
other sources.”

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