LinuxMonth: Notes from the Linux Biz Expo (Chicago)

[ Thanks to Baiju
for this link. ]

William Stearns is at the Expo in Chicago and he called in
to give some of his thoughts on what he has seen so

“According to William the show is going pretty good. He notes
that most of the people seem to know of Linux. Unlike in the past
where people were more curious about Linux rather than the Linux
Products. He also notes that the show has more of a businesslike
atmosphere than normal. Which can be a good or a bad thing
according to who you ask….”

“William also saw John “Maddog” Hall manning the Linux
Internationl booth. John is also slated in to give a talk on “Ten
Misconceptions about Linux”. And as usual there will be BOF’s from
5:30 to 6:30.”

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