LinuxOrbit: FREESCO Review

[ Thanks to John
for this link. ]

“While discussing home firewall setups with a colleague, I was
introduced to a name I had not heard before. He said that he had
set up a floppy based firewall using Freesco. “What is Freesco?” I
asked. “Is it based on SCO Unix?” No, as it turns out–it is a free
Cisco router alternative based on Linux 2.0.38 and Ipfwadm that is
very easy to setup. I was intrigued, so I set out to learn more
about it by heading for the Freesco home page and reading as much
of the documentation that I could. There are forums as well, which
I scanned, in order to find out what types of experiences folks are
having with it.

“I decided that it may be worth it just to make the install
floppy and set it up on my existing firewall machine. There would
be no harm, because I could just pull the floppy and reboot. I did
just that, and was pleasantly surprised with how easy it actually
was to install and configure. Before I actually tried it, I set up
a dyndns account with a webhop that points to a non-standard port.
I also installed Apache web server on a masqueraded machine and
threw a page on it created with an OSWD style. This way I could
also test the port forwarding capabilities and try accessing the
webpage from outside…”

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