LinuxPlanet: Application Servers and Linux: The Enterprise Awaits

“… application servers are making their way into the Linux
space… Linux is now a major player in the enterprise, as IT
departments are now willing to devote some serious bucks ( in the
case of leading application servers, $10,000 or so a pop) to
Linux-based applications.”

“… We’re now seeing clusters of application servers become the
preferred method of deployment, and on a cost per unit basis
it’s cheaper to put up a cluster of high-end PCs running Linux than
a similar number of Solaris or RS/6000 servers.”

“Of the major application-server vendors, Oracle (with Oracle
Application Server, or OAS), BEA Systems (with WebLogic Server
4.0), Bluestone Sapphire/Web and IBM (with WebSphere Application
Server) offer Linux versions of their products.”