LinuxPlanet: Biff Gates

“….given last Friday’s court decision against Microsoft, it
was clear that Microsoft doesn’t have a clue about to position the
company in the real world. Watching Microsoft officials parade
through the Sunday-morning gabfests (though Bill Gates was
conspicuous by his absence – apparently the Microsoft PR machine
didn’t think it prudent to let Bill speak for his company) was a
rather surreal experience… and company officials expressed great
“confidence” that the whole thing would blow over…”

“We in the Linux community… saw how Microsoft saw fit to
spread lies and disinformation about Linux, fraudulently posing
Windows NT as a far superior solution when in fact it’s not. We saw
that U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson’s findings of
fact in the case confirm what we’ve known all along: that Microsoft
was so scared of competition that it resorted to illegal