LinuxPlanet: Conversational Voice Recognition With Wizzard Software

“Voice recognition has been a dream of many for the last 10
years. It’s an illusive goal because interpreting speech is very
complicated and takes a lot of computing power. Past solutions used
a “train the system” model for interpretation. Users had to endure
lengthy sessions of talking to the machine, before they can enjoy
any real level of reliable speech recognition.

“Wizzard Software has introduced the WizzScribe SI
conversational voice recognition engine. It converts speech
directly to text, independently of the speaker. It doesn’t require
any training of the system. The technology, pioneered by IBM, is
aimed at developers that want to integrate speech recognition into
their applications. Corporate users can deploy it internally to
bring voice recognition, to their business processes.

“The software, at $3400 per processor license, is designed for
batch processing large volumes of audio speech in a server
environment. Multiple processors, large amounts of memory, and a
lot of disk space are the domain of this engine. Good thing it runs
on Linux…”


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