LinuxPlanet: Linux Everywhere: Will Consumers Embrace the Penguin?

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

A year ago the thought of Linux entering the consumer
market was at best a distant dream, one not shared by the computer
industry or even the majority of Linux users.

“But things change quickly, and a visit to the recent Consumer
Electronics Show (CES), held Jan. 6-10 in Las Vegas, showed that
while Linux still has a negligible presence in the consumer world,
things are on the upswing.”

“First, there was TiVo’s announcement that it will offer, in
conjunction with Liberate and AOL TV, interactive TV services on a
Linux platform. TiVo is one of several companies fighting it out in
the Digital Video Recording (DVR) space. TiVo boxes, sold through
traditional consumer channels and retailers like Best Buy and
Circuit City, act both as interactive television guides (showing
complete schedules) and digital VCRs, storing programming on a hard
disk. TiVo also acts as a smart navigator to the vast sea
programming; you can enter your favorite programs and TiVo will
suggest other programs.”