LinuxPlanet: New Mono-Based Applications for GNOME in Fedora Core 5–Part 2

“In the first part of this series, the issue of Mono was
introduced along with one of the Mono applications for GNOME
adopted for Fedora Core 5 (FC5). Another of these is F-Spot, a
photo management and editing program that offers a nice change for
those who are overwhelmed by The GIMP. While you will not find
pixel-by-pixel editing functionality in F-Spot (at least just yet)
you will find the ability to many of the common photo manipulation
tasks you might have in mind.

“While this article focuses on Fedora Core 5, its contents apply
to F-Spot in general. Just keep in mind that if you are using
F-Spot on another distribution such as SUSE, you may be using an
older or newer version…”