LinuxPlanet: Novell Linux Desktop–A Linux Distribution for Enterprise Desktops

“When I first saw rumblings in the trade press about Novell’s
new Novell Linux Desktop (NLD) distribution, I was confused at
best. Novell’s own press corps, impressive in terms of sheer
volume, didn’t make this clear. As shown in Figure 1, the splash
screen for the installer leaves no doubt that this is a new and
unique Novell product. However, there’s a good deal of general
confusion about how NetWare, SUSE Linux, SUSE Enterprise Server,
various mail products, eDirectory, ZENworks, Ximian’s desktop and
Evolution mail client, and now the Novell Linux Desktop all fit

“I am not a shill for Novell and thus still can’t answer all of
those questions, but spending some time experimenting with NLD in
both its GNOME and KDE incarnations and talking with friends and
detractors who follow Novell and/or work in Novell shops, has
helped me begin to make sense of all of this…”


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