LinuxPlanet: Rant Mode Equals One: M$ Losing Ugly on Kerberos

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

“The recent rumblings between Slashdot and Microsoft may be
Microsoft’s idea of defending their turf, but ultimately they will
serve to undo any vestiges of positive public opinion left in
regards to the software giant. First, you have to understand, the
Kerberos scandal is an ugly one–Microsoft has yet again been
caught trying to “embrace and extend” a well known and heavily
standardized protocol.”

“And now, Slashdot’s lawyers have pretty much stepped up to the
plate, and told the software giant where to go today. I can see
where this is headed, as Microsoft’s chairman Bill Gates hates to
lose–at all costs. Likely the cost in this case is going to be a
loss far bigger than a legal battle and some hokey protocol
extensions being removed from a web site.”

“After the lawyers, judges and politicians are done, in other
words, the public will be looking at Microsoft and wondering why
several billion dollars and a 90% lock on desktop systems is not
enough to satisfy them. Why are they picking this fight, one that
they might win legally, but one they will surely lose in the court
of public opinion–and why now?”


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