LinuxPlanet: Rant Mode Equals One: Next Generation Windows Services Fun!

[ Kevin Reichard
writes: ]

Not willing to cede any legitamacy to the U.S. court
system, Microsoft is now formulating a plan that would put the
entire Internet under the guide of–surprise!–Windows. Paul Ferris
tears apart Microsoft’s Next Generation Windows Service and
explains why it would be a Very Bad Thing for the computing

From the story:

“Every time I see a new press announcement from Microsoft,
typically I have to bite my tongue. Sometimes pretty hard. But the
latest one, well, it’s pretty much over the edge. It begs the
question, rather, all questions. It’s going beyond vapor–ware and
stall–ware into the realm of

“I’d like to explore this new idea somewhat closely, mostly for
the comic value it brought my day. It doesn’t help matters much
when you consider all of the cool acronyms that can be made out of
the abbreviation for their new product idea: “NGWS.” Let’s start by
looking a bit at the press announcement about it in the LA


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