LinuxPlanet: Review: Small Business Accounting Software For Linux

“Choosing small business or personal accounting software seems
relatively simple: evaluate features, ease of use, price,
support–the usual things. The one factor that can really drive you
nuts is migrating away from an existing installation.

“Intuit dominates the small business/personal finance market
with Quicken and QuickBooks, and for good reasons. They have short
learning curves, nice clean interfaces, and they allow people who
are not accountants to manage their own finances. And, unlike so
much accounting software, they are reasonably priced. It is not
uncommon to find hard-core Linux users keeping a Windows box just
to run Quicken or QuickBooks.

“So why should anyone even consider migrating away from
Quicken/QuickBooks (or other Windows accounting program) to a Linux
accounting program…?”


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