LinuxPlanet: The Linux Community: Wear Your Hearts On Your Sleeves

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

“Take the current action centered around the GNOME and KDE. If
this were a corporation where there were internal struggles
centered around some technical decisions, not only would no one
outside of a small group of folks on the earth know — there would
be public relations people on the outside dressing up the delays or
events as positive things.”

“With the Linux and Open Source community, not only do
people see the exchanges, they have the source code to the work
both parties are referencing. There are no mysteries involved. What
we see is literally what we’re getting. It would be as if your
family feuds were broadcast live over cable television, along with
a diagram of the house and where all the weapons were located.

It would be as if a small nation itself wore its heart on its

“It makes for great editorials and pundit-like predictions.
That’s us, right now, folks. Some people are looking in from the
outside and saying it ain’t pretty. …without all of this digital
democracy, without all of this public debate, struggle and even
rock-throwing at times — without that, there is no Open Source.
You don’t get one without the other.”