LinuxPlanet: The Zope Application Server Revisited

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

One of the most noteworthy things about the open-source
world is that no good idea is ever wasted; if it doesn’t succeed
the first time around, it’s generally recycled through a few
iterations until a wider audience is reached.

“Such is the case with Python and Zope. Python has a devoted
user base; while this base may not be as large as the user base
associated with Java or Perl or Tcl, it’s still significant enough
to warrant serious consideration in discussions of scripting and
programming languages. That’s because at its core there are a lot
of good ideas within Python about how data should be handled in an
object-oriented fashion….”

“In this review, we’re evaluating Zope as an application server.
This isn’t to say that the other two areas aren’t worthy of
consideration, but the application-server market is exceptionally
competitive right now, and is one in which Linux solutions are
still in short supply despite the presence of Cold Fusion,
Bluestone Sapphire/Web and IBM WebSphere.”