LinuxPower: Netpliance Meeting

“On March 29 I posted an article here which dealt with the
i-opener from Netpliance that everyone was so excited about hacking
last month (it was also republished Saturday on freshmeat.net). I
focused on the interaction between Netpliance, the “moms” who they
were targeting, and the open source community; the response from
hackers has been very positive, a lot of people really liked

“So did Netpliance. I was recently contacted by their CTO, and
asked to meet with the company at their headquarters “to brainstorm
about the various issues” raised in the article. He described my
article as “intriguing”, and I found the message to be very
positive overall. It means they have been listening. It means there
is a good chance that they want to do the right thing.”

“We haven’t set a firm date or agenda yet, but are hammering out
the details now. I’d like to provide the open source community
and the i-opener-hacker community a chance to give some feedback.
What would you say to the decision-makers at Netpliance if you had
the chance?”