LinuxPower: SuSE 6.3: Linux from the Deutschland

“At the beginning of December, SuSE released the newest version
of their Linux distribution, SuSE 6.3. The feature list includes
such things as the 2.2.12 kernel, apache, samba, the GIMP,
sendmail, XFree 3.3.5, Real Player, and Star Office.

“I received a copy of it in the box. The first thing I noticed
was the size of the book. Roughly 500 pages, it serves as a
comprehensive guide to the install process as well as post-install
configuration. The next thing I noticed was the number of CDs. The
current release of SuSE is 6 CDs packed full of applications,
commercial demos and trials (see list), and source to the free
software. Also included were the two boot disks and two “Powered by
SuSE” stickers….”

As one of the main attractions of the new release of SuSE
is supposed to be YaST 2, the new GUI setup tool, I chose to test
with it rather than the older (though still supported) method of
installing via YaST.
It is good that the old method is still
supported as YaST2 only supports installing via CD-ROM. I have
found this to be a problem with several recent distributions
(Caldera and Corel) as my laptop does not have a CD-ROM drive and I
therefore have to do network installs on it. Anyway, on to