LinuxPR: Bowerbird Computing releases version 1.0 of embedded XML database

Bowerbird Computing is proud to announce the release of its
first version of XDBM, a free embedded database designed
specifically to handle XML data.

“XML is a new Internet language written by the World Wide Web
Consortium. Unlike its predecessor HTML, XML can be used to express
any sort of information, not just to present documents. For
example, XML is currently being used to define spreadsheets, word
processor documents and even chemical formulae. With XML you will
no longer need to worry about whether someone you are sending a
spreadsheet to can read the document, as any XML aware programme
can read an XML spreadsheet.”

“There are currently many options available to programmers who
want to make their programme XML aware, but they all have three
shortcomings: They are slow because they need to read the entire
file to find out what it contains; They do not supply any way to
search an XML file; and they consume a lot of memory because they
need to load every part of the file required right from the start.
XDBM overcomes all of these problems for software developers
through its revolutionary new database design.”