LinuxPR: BuyPogo.Com Announces $299 and $599 Consumer Linux Computers to Compete

BuyPogo.Com now offers the reliability and power of the Linux
operating system at an affordable price by announcing a new line of
Linux PCs, the $299 Pogo and the $599 Pogo Pro, sold through its
web site. Customers are now able to enjoy the stability and
efficiency featured in Linux without spending thousands of

“‘Our Pogo line is the cornerstone of our efforts to make Linux
accessible by all users, regardless of technical knowledge or
finances,’ said BuyPogo.Com co-founder Tim Lee. ‘By competitively
pricing our products and backing it up with a warranty and a money
back guarantee, our customers can enjoy the inalienable right
bestowed upon all of us to choose powerful, yet affordable,

BuyPogo.Com is a Linux hardware company that strives to pioneer
Linux onto the networks residing in homes and small businesses
around the world by offering affordable Linux computers. ‘We are
well positioned to cater to the growing needs of consumers and
small-businesses who crave the network versatility and
dependability of Unix, but desire the popularity and value of
Linux,’ said Arash Keshmirian, co-founder.