LinuxPR: Characters From Favorite Geek Cartoon Join Violent Quake3 Deathmatch

“It’s fragtime for the Dust Puppy.”

Today kicks off the UserFriendly.org and Loki Software
Quake III Arena Contest.
A leading online entertainment
destination for the IT technical community, UserFriendly.org is
sponsoring this exciting contest to showcase the creative and
design skills of their legion of fans.”

“Contestants will create and modify “skins” and levels based on
the cast of characters from the UserFriendly.org episodic comic
strip for use with Quake III Arena, the blockbuster 3D,
first-person perspective, shooter video game developed by id
Software. Skins dictate the appearance of the player within the
game environment, while the levels define the appearance and layout
of the space used by the battling players inside the game. There
will also be a bonus category for people brave enough to venture
into the realm of modeling, which is creating the figure or body
for the skins to cover.”