LinuxPR: Chili!Soft Announces General Availability for Chili!Soft Active Server Pages for Linux

Since Chili!Soft ASP for Linux provides full support for
FrontPage extensions, ISPs can now offer the almost 10 million
FrontPage users a complete solution on Linux.

“Chili!Soft Inc., the market leader in platform-independent
Active Server Pages (ASP), today announced the general availability
of Chili!Soft Active Server Pages for Linux. With Chili!Soft Active
Server Pages for Linux, users of leading Web development tools, can
easily build and maintain dynamic Web applications, using Active
Server Pages for live database connectivity and dynamic content,
that leverage the rapidly-growing installed base of Linux servers.
Supported development environments include: Microsoft FrontPage
2000 and Visual InterDev, Allaire Homesite, Macromedia Drumbeat, as
well as the VBScript and Jscript scripting languages.”

“Over 2000 companies participated in the beta program for
Chili!Soft ASP for Linux, helping Chili!Soft port a stable and
mature product to a rapidly growing market. At the February
LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, Chili!Soft ASP for Linux was
awarded Best of Show in the Internet/Intranet/Extranet