LinuxPR: Debian GNU/Linux 2.1.r3 CD Set available

“LCS is pleased to announce the availability of an Debian
GNU/Linux 2.1r3 CD set for Intel systems. This CD set is the
latest update of the ‘slink’ 2.1 Debian release.

“Debian GNU/Linux is widely recognized as the most complete
Linux distribution. The Debian package management system is the
best available in insuring compatibility of installed packages and
dependancies. Debian GNU/Linux is also the only distribution that
can perform upgrades on running systems.”

“The next release of Debian, codenamed ‘potato’ is also
available as a Pre-Beta CD set. Although ‘potato’ is not scheduled
for release until later this year, you can get a Pre-Beta CD set of
the current archive for i386, Alpha, M68k, Sparc, or PowerPC.”