LinuxPR: Elfstone Software Releases the World’s First Motif-Enabled Linux Distribution…

“With The Open Group’s recent release of Open Motif,
ELFSTONE SOFTWARE, LLC is making the world’s first Motif-enabled
Linux distribution available as a downloadable ISO image.”

“Elfstone Linux, designed specifically as a network OS for
developers and network managers, includes a cutting-edge
Motif-enabled graphical user interface, Motif runtime libraries,
and universal package manager. Elfstone Linux, currently in beta
form, is now available for download as an ISO image at

“We view The Open Group’s recent release of Open Motif as a
tremendous boost for Elfstone as well as the Open Source
community,” stated Ralph Miner, Elfstone CEO. Miner added, “Based
on response and feedback from the community regarding our beta, as
well as the opening of the Motif technology, we are confident that
our official Elfstone Linux distribution, soon to be released, will
become a major force in defining the Linux landscape for enterprise
platform computing.” Elfstone’s Chief Technology Officer, David
Lennox, stated further that, “Elfstone is committed to pioneering
world-class infrastructure technologies for low-cost,
high-performance networking on the Linux platform and because Motif
has been a proven component of mission critical applications in the
enterprise, it is key toward moving Linux in that direction.”

“Continuing on the path of making Linux a viable alternative for
the enterprise, Elfstone Software’s mission is to advance
networking technologies by making them simpler and easier to use
along with improving upon their capabilities.”


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