LinuxPR: Enhydra open source Java/XML application server available for First time on CD

“Lutris Technologies, an Open Source enterprise software and
services company, and sponsors of Enhydra, announced today at
ApacheCon (Booth 207), that the Java/XML application server is
available for the first time ever on CD. A CD containing Enhydra
version 2.3, along with Inprise’s JBuilder 3 Foundation and the
Enhydra Tools for JBuilder, will be offered free of charge to
attendees of this year’s ApacheCon event and will be distributed
along with the April issue of Enterprise Linux Magazine.”

” ‘We’re excited about being able to distribute Enhydra on CD,’
explained Yancy Lind, CEO, Lutris Technologies. ‘In keeping with
the Enhydra design philosophy of supporting best-of-breed
development tools, the inclusion of JBuilder Foundation will help
developers be more productive and more easily leverage our unique
XMLC technology from within JBuilder. And with the addition of
Enhydra Tools for JBuilder, we’ve dramatically simplified the
development of scalable 3 tier applications, and made full use of
JBuilder’s outstanding functionality for Java developers.’ “

“Enhydra 2.3 includes tight integration with Inprise/Borland’s
JBuilder Foundation IDE, through the inclusion of a new product,
the Enhydra Tools for JBuilder. The Enhydra Tools for JBuilder
substantially increase the efficiency of Enhydra developers by
giving them one consistent environment from which to design, debug,
and compile their Enhydra applications. The Enhydra Tools for
JBuilder work with JBuilder Foundation and upcoming releases of
JBuilder Enterprise and Professional editions, Inprise’s leading
Java development environment, available on Linux, Windows, and
Solaris. The integrated tools automatically configure Enhydra’s
application server for use within JBuilder. The Enhydra 2.3 CD
distributed at ApacheCon will include the entire suite of products
for Linux, Solaris and Microsoft Windows operating systems.”