LinuxPR: GNUPC.com: Only 7 days left to enter!

“GNUPC.COM, manufacturer of Linux computers, wants to remind
everyone that there are only 7 days left to enter the
“TUCOWS.com/GNUPC.com contest.”

TUCOWS.COM, and GNUPC.com have teamed up to give away a
‘MightyMite 450’ Linux box from GNUPC.com.
Instead of
pre-installing a Linux distribution that the end user will likely
re-install anyway, GNUPC.com ships every computer with 7 different
Linux distributions. This allows GNUPC.com to sell the boxes for a
lesser cost, and allows the end user the choice of which is used,
and how it is installed. To enter the contest, visit

GNUPC.COM believes their first responsibility is to the Linux
community. “We strive to produce the highest quality, lowest cost
hand picked Linux tested boxes available” says Smith. “We’re ready
for the long term commitment.”