LinuxPR: HotDiary.Com: Networked Portal for Linux Portals

“HotDiary Inc….announced several new free services for Linux
and Unix based internet portals including JazzIt! 4.0 Portal
Launcher, and JiveIt! 2.0 small website portal solution.”

“For individuals several additional services were introduced
including collaborative party planner, addressbook portal, and
GoldReward (earn 20 cents on HotDiary Ad banner click-thru from
your site) program.”

“HotDiary and JazzIt! have received a 4 STAR (****) rating from
ISP.COM, the world’s premier ISP portal. HotDiary’s JiveIt! small
website portal product has been downloaded and deployed on 35,000
websites around the world.”

HotDiary portal clients are designed to look good both on
Windows and Linux workstations.
Linux based workstations
comprise 7% of HotDiary client user base and 65% of server user
base and is growing at a fast rate.”