LinuxPR: International Hackers’ Congress in the Netherlands

“From August 9th until August 12th, the campus of the University
of Twente will feature a congress that is unique in its kind:
Hackers at Large, or HAL 2001. The congress expects to receive
thousands of guests from all over the world and from many different
disciplines to debate issues ranging from advanced technical issues
regarding some obscure aspect of the Internet to easy-to-understand
lectures on some of the dangers of the information society, as well
as many, many other topics.
But more than debate, the guests
at HAL2001 take ample time to get on-line, relax, build and discuss
cool stuff, and engage in good old analog interfacing.”

“The congress is unique in that the participants bring their
tent and their computer, which is connected to a large high-speed
outdoor computer network that provides high bandwidth Internet
connectivity for everybody. On-site power generators provide all
these computers with the necessary power: more than 1.5

“Some of the people that are organizing HAL 2001 were also
involved in the former hacker movement in The Netherlands: those
responsible for the late hackers’ magazine Hack-Tic and for setting
up the first Internet Service Provider in The Netherlands called
“XS4ALL”. But also many people from Dutch universities, companies
and other Internet Service Providers participate in making this
event possible.”


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