LinuxPR: Jabber.com Forms Technical Advisory Board

Jabber.com Announces Formation Of Technical Advisory
Craig Burton, Rohit Khare and Stephen Williams appointed as first
three board members.

“Jabber.com Inc., a subsidiary of Webb Interactive Services
Inc., today announced the formation of the Jabber.com technical
advisory board and the appointment of its first three members,
Craig Burton, Rohit Khare and Stephen Williams.”

“All three individuals represent highly respected technology
visionaries and each comes with decades of real-world experience in
shaping the network computing industry. Burton, a well-known
network services industry analyst, was a founding member of Novell
and co-founded the Burton Group. Khare has played a pivotal role in
the development of Internet and World Wide Web standards and is the
founder and chief executive officer of 4K Associates and KnowNow.
Williams has played a key role in the development of the instant
messaging industry by designing and implementing AOL’s Buddylist
server (versions 1.x), used by over 8 Million users and supporting
over 300,000 simultaneous connections.”