LinuxPR: Jabber Surpasses 10,000 Instant Messaging Server Downloads

And More Than 1,000 Instant Messaging Servers

“Jabber, the only open source, extensible instant messaging
platform, today surpassed 10,000 server downloads with more than
1,000 of these servers now actively deployed on the Internet. This
marks a 100 percent increase in the number of downloaded servers in
the last two months and an increase of more than ten times the
number of servers in active deployment in the same period.”

“Until now, companies in the instant messaging industry have
measured success by the number of consumers using simple and free
instant messaging services delivered via a centralized server,”
said Andre Durand, founder and general manager of Jabber.com, Inc.
“With Jabber, a different metric becomes important- installed
servers, where any one server may potentially serve hundreds of
thousands of end users. This signals the beginning of a new
generation of IM as a more strategic and embedded platform for
real-time communications.”