LinuxPR: LANdb v0.80 Released

LANdb: The Network Management Database, provides an open
source network management solution.

“LANdb provides network managers and engineers a means of
quickly and efficiently cataloging all network hardware and
connections in a MySQL database. LANdb’s web-based frontend
provides two levels of user access to allow read-only or read/write
access to information on VLANs, Subnets, Buildings, Closets,
Switches, Hubs, Slots, Ports, and Jacks. Data can be searched by a
number of criteria, and the results can be sorted by column.
Finally, a way to replace those old, slow, and inefficient

“The application is a set of CGI scripts written in Perl, so
it’s efficient, platform independent, and easily customized. It
uses the Perl::DBI module to connect to its database, which is
primarily MySQL, but ports are underway to Oracle and DB2.
Prerequsites for installation include a working database, Perl 5,
and DBI.”