LinuxPR: Latin American Linux Web Site in Spanish

“Linux Alianza today announces the launch of the new Linux
website, LinuxFiesta.com, covering all of Latin America, completely
in Spanish (and soon, Portuguese.) Initially the site is
focusing on Linux news and commentary, but will soon expand into
Linux resources, services and commerce.

“This native-language web site features some innovative
strategies for promoting Linux in Latin America, such as paying the
creators of documentation and programs for works in the native
languages. These payments take the form of awards which are funded
by the banner advertising which is purchased on the sites. “This is
just the first of several community give-backs that we have planned
for the Latin American Linux community,” states Michael Anderson,
General Manager and CTO of Linux Alianza, “we will be announcing
another community program, a joint sponsorship for Latin American
LUGs with a large Linux hardware manufacturer within a few

“An interesting feature of the Latin American Linux site is the
use of multiple moderators, each with their own personal space
within the different categories of the site. Fernando
Gutiérrez, Editor of Spanish content for Linux Alianza
elaborates, “There are so many talented and dedicated
linuxeros in Latin America, most of whom have limited
opportunity to get exposure on Linux sites with international
scope. We are accepting Moderators from all the Latin American
countries, to give everyone a chance to show their stuff.”