LinuxPR: Linux-based Production System running at South China Morning Post

“Raster Solutions (www.raster.onthe.net.au) has used Red Hat
Linux on Compaq servers to deliver a new production system to the
South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s leading English-language
daily newspaper. The new system is a mission-critical component in
the daily process of publishing the newspaper. Raster develops
primarily on Red Hat Linux and recommends it unreservedly where
consistently reliable servers are needed.”

“Raster’s responsiveness has resulted in a truly customised
system – one that SCMP feels is very much its own and with which we
are very comfortable” said a spokesman for the paper.”

“The new production system stores all the graphics and images
used in the paper, and ensures that the pages seen by readers
include the correct high-resolution and high-quality pictures,
while letting editorial staff work quickly and efficiently with
lower-resolution versions. Pages for printing are routed
dynamically to various output devices. The new system replaces
SCMP’s ageing Autologic OPI servers with a robust, flexible and
scalable solution based on Raster’s modular production support
software and Red Hat Linux.”