LinuxPR: Linux.Conf.au Submissions Closing Soon

“Submissions for Sydney’s linux.conf.au developers conference
close at the end of September. The city that’s currently home to
the world’s best athletes will in January 2001 bring together some
of the world’s finest Linux developers. You too can take part in
the action by responding to the Call for Participation at (URL:

“Events include paper presentations, tutorials, workshops and
panel sessions, in disciplines such as kernel hacking, real-time
systems, networking and multimedia systems. Confirmed attendees
include champion kernel hackers Alan Cox and David Miller, with
local challengers including netfilter developer Paul “Rusty”
Russell, Samba team leader Andrew Tridgell and a hometown visit
from local pinup star The Rasterman (Carsten Haitzler).”

“Tridgell is pleased with the format, saying that “with a
similar style to the Ottawa Linux Symposium, attendees can look
forward to good in-depth technical presentations and a great
atmosphere that encourages the late night hacking sessions that
make conferences fun.”