LinuxPR: Linux Interactive is shaping up!

You can find more and more at Linux Interactive every

“Linux Interacxtive is getting closer and closer to launching
every day. You can now find many things that weren’t available at
the announcement of the site. As before, the message boards work,
along with the headlines page and Linux search engine. You can now
find quite a few sites in the search engine, but you need to add
yours or others today! The downloads page is shaping up, with links
to tons of great download sites. Quick Reviews are available, so
you can find out the bare facts on books (and more in the future)
before you go out and buy them. Shop some great online shops that
sell almost every Linux product you need. Don’t forget, take the
poll while you’re there! Which distro is the best? Linux-Mandrake
is winning so far!”