LinuxPR: Linux Journal announces new design for web site, www.linuxjournal.com.

“Linux Journal, the premier magazine of the Linux community and
creators of GLUE, Linux Resources, and Linux Gazette, announced
today the launch of their new web site, www.linuxjournal.com. The
new site combines all the same information as the old one, but
simplifies the process of finding Linux news and information. It
also allows easy access to previous Linux Journal issues
via Linux Journal Interactive. Links to other sites hosted
by SSC, publishers of Linux Journal, will also be
available to the user, including GLUE, Linux Gazette, Linux Journal
Interactive, as well as all the information previously found on
Linux Resources.”

“In my ongoing communication with the Linux community, I often
hear that people want a comprehensive portal to news, kernel
updates, and the Linux Gazette all from one site,” said Marjorie
Richardson, Linux Journal’s Editor in Chief. “With our new
design and comprehensive set of links, I am excited that people
will be able to make www.linuxjournal.com their web browser’s home