LinuxPR: “Linux Will Continue to Grow” say Running Linux, Third Edition, Authors

“I started working with Linux in 1991 — I guess that makes me a
real Linux dinosaur! Back then Linux was very small (you could
install a complete system from a couple of floppy disks) and didn’t
have many features — no networking, no graphics, very little
hardware support. Still, it held a lot of promise, and did almost
everything right. Back then, nobody imagined that Linux would be as
popular and powerful as it is today. It was just a pet project of a
handful of developers on the Internet, and while some of us had big
aspirations, the whole media blitz of last summer kind of took
everyone by surprise,” says Matt Welsh, co-author of the
just-released third edition of Running Linux.”

“Running Linux, Third Edition explains everything you need
to understand, install, and start using the Linux operating