LinuxPR: LinuxExpo.net Invites Writers and Photographers to Help Share Linux World

“LinuxExpo.Net will be inviting volunteers to write and
photograph events at the LinuxWorld Expo in New York, February 1-4.
Selected volunteers will be provided with a full conference pass to
attend the expo. Articles and images will be placed on the website
under the Open Publication License (OPL).”

Not everyone can get to the NY Expo, but LinuxExpo.Net
would like to bring the stories and images from the expo to the
This will be the first east coast expo held by Linux
World. The expo is hosting many exciting exhibitors and speakers
which include Linus Torvalds, Larry Augustine (VA Linux Systems),
Steven Mills (IBM), Eric Raymond, Rob “CmdrTaco” Malda (Slashdot),
Corel, Red Hat, Debian and others. Interested writers and
photographers will have many events to choose from during the four