LinuxPR: LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, October 5th – 7th, 2000, at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center

Keynote speaker at European premiere of the “Linux Only”
trade fair is Jon “maddog” Hall.

“The LinuxWorld Conference & Expo will be held for the first
time at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center from October 5th – 7th,
2000. The trade fair will be the first business-to-business event
in Europe dedicated exclusively to the Linux operating system and
open solutions. Nearly 10,000 visitors from the computer industry
are expected to attend the event featuring over 70 companies and
more than 9,000 square meters (90,000 square feet) of exhibits. Jon
“maddog” Hall, executive director of Linux International (LI), will
be the keynote speaker at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo. The
German Linux federation LIVE is supporting the Expo.”

“The black-and-yellow penguin, the Linux trademark, has become a
serious competitor for leading manufacturers of operating systems.
The Open Source software now holds the number two spot in the
network and server area. This alternative operating system, which
evolved within the Internet as an anarchical response to the
monopolistic strategy of companies like Microsoft, is gaining more
and more attention from IT decision-makers in the business world.
Linux, developed in 1991 by the Finnish student Linus Thorvalds, is
the operating system of the future. The LinuxWorld Conference &
Expo provides a unique information platform for professionals in
the IT industry, general users and the Linux community.”