LinuxPR: Major Linux Portal Provides Awesome Services To Community

The portal, which has grown at amazing rate, provides high
traffic to Linux sites, and offers hosting and other

“Click through ratios soared as the popular banner exchange
Linuxfool.com switched gears to provide a top 640×480 pixel banner
exchange. Unlike Linswap, LinuxFool Banner Exchange now only allows
its banners to be ran at the top 640×480 pixels of the screen, thus
giving members *much* higher clickthroughs. Code is being worked on
to allow the browser to bring up a new window, thus only opening
the new site, without leaving the old one.”

“For Linux webmasters who do not wish to place banners o n their
site, the LinuxFool Web Ring is still available and growing at an
amazing rate to provide linux sites a simple way to set up links,
and drive traffic.”