LinuxPR: MandrakeSoft to Donate Technology & Expertise to Set up Linux-based Internet Center in L.A.

“MandrakeSoft, the publisher of the powerful and user-friendly
Linux-Mandrake operating system, announced that it will donate the
software and technical expertise to set up a Linux-based Internet
access center in the Los Angeles community of Pacoima. In addition
to providing the web and e-mail servers for the Pacoima Community
Technology Center, MandrakeSoft will be connecting the equipment.
The Technology Center, which celebrates its grand opening on March
30th, aims to provide access to computers and the Internet for
citizens who would otherwise lack that access.”

“The Pacoima project is a collaborative effort between Los
Angeles Urban Founders, a consortium of philanthropists and
foundations, the Los Angeles Unified School District, the U.S.
Department of Housing and Urban Development, Maxspeed, and
MandrakeSoft. The Center will provide after-school activities
for children, adult education/literacy, career development,
small-business activities, home access to computers and the
Internet, and an information clearinghouse for local

“Daniel Morales, Chief Operation Officer for MandrakeSoft, has
long been active in planning the Pacoima Center. “MandrakeSoft
recognizes the importance of giving back to our communities,” said
Morales, “We are confident that our award-winning Linux-Mandrake
operating system will be of great benefit to people of