LinuxPR: MessagingDirect Proudly Announces the Execmail `Power’ Client for Red Hat Linux

Another platform is added to MessagingDirect’s family of
commerce class messaging products.

“MessagingDirect today announced the release of Execmail for Red
Hat Linux. Execmail is the #1 Extranet email client in the world
today, with powerful message management features including
corporate LDAPv3 and IMSP address book support. Execmail is the
best 100% open standards choice for helpdesks, system
administrators, and road warriors. Perfect for those who require
reliable, high throughput mail processing.”

“First generation ECSMail, released in 1992, was the world’s
first commercial IMAP client. The tradition continued with the
release of the first cross platform IMAP client, Simeon, in 1995.
Execmail is the third generation commercial and secure email