LinuxPR: New On RadioWallStreet.com: The Linux League With Francis Gaskins

Matthew Nordan of Forrester Research, Gary Lawrence Murphy
of TCI and Tom Adelstein of Bynari Inc. are Featured

“Newly appointed Linux League Commissioner and weekly
RadioWallStreet.com contributor, Francis Gaskins, will host a panel
of guests to review Linux trends, with comment on IBM…Dell
Computer…Red Hat…Sun Microsystems…Inprise…and Corel…This
event will be broadcast on Friday, January 14, 2000 at 1:00 PM EST.
It is archived for listening at your convenience.”

“This week’s guests include Matthew Nordan, Forrester Research
Senior Analyst, Tom Adelstein, CIO for Bynari, Inc., a global Linux
consulting firm, and Gary Lawrence Murphy, CEO of TCI, an Internet
and open source consulting company founded in 1983. Rob Zimmer,
Director of RadioWallStreet.com, will help lead this