LinuxPR: On RadioWallStreet.com: The Linux League Monday Edition

“This event will be broadcast on Monday, March 13, 2000 at 5:30

“Newly appointed Linux League Commissioner and weekly
RadioWallStreet.com contributor, Francis Gaskins, will host a panel
of guests to review Linux trends, with comment on Redhat, Motorola,
TiVo Inc. and IBM.”

Joining Mr. Gaskins today will be Eric Raymond, VA
Linux Systems Board Member, Rick Lehrbaum, Founder of
LinuxDevices.com, Gary Lawrence Murphy, CEO of TCI, Nick Donavan,
Senior Vice-President of Bynari, and Michael Kantrowitz, CEO of
Neoware Systems Inc. Rob Zimmer, Vice-President of
RadioWallStreet.com, will help lead this discussion. For those
unable to attend the live broadcast, replays will be available
beginning approximately one hour after each event. If you are
viewing this release after the day of the event, you will find this
interview in the “All Recent Shows” section of the website.”